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Game Developers


Our dedicated team of specialists have vast experience with projects large and small. We are able to meet the goals and specific needs of our clients customizing their wish lists while providing high quality services with speed and efficiency.  Below are technologies that we utilize in-house and we are  constantly seeking new and better ways to deliver outstanding results.


Space Planning- Assessment of how the space in retail or commercial is used. Space planning considers who will be using the space and what they will be using it for.

JDA Space Planning- Software that helps to construct, manage and optimize detailed retail planograms which help companies make informed smart decisions about space allocation.

3D Modeling- The process of capturing the shape and appearance of real-world objects or environments and converting them into digital 3D models.

Rhino/Rhino 3D- Commercial 3D computer graphics and computer-aided design that is a free form surface modeler that uses the modeling by curves technique(NURBS)

Sketchup- 3D modeling software that allows users to create and manipulate 3D models of buildings, landscapes, furniture, and other objects. 

2D/3D AutoCAD- Software oriented to drawing and modeling in 2D and 3D.  It allows the creation and modification of geometric models with an almost infinite capacity to develop all types of structures and objects.

Revit- A design and documentation program that supports the design, drawings and schedules required for building information modeling (BIM). Revit is a cloud based software that allows users to collaborate on projects in real time.

BIM- Delivers information about project design, scope, quantities and phases when you need it.

3D Mesh-A 3D model representation made up of interconnected vertices, edges and faces that create a solid, textured surface.

3D Point Cloud- In 3D modeling, a point cloud is a set of data points in a 3D coordinate system commonly known as XYZ axes. Each point represents a single spatial measurement on the object’s surface. Taken together, a point cloud represents the entire external surface of an object.

3D Rendering- Software that converts 3D models into 2D images on a computer to create a variety of images both intentionally nonrealistic to photorealistic.

Asset Data Capture- Is the process of gathering, recording and documenting information about physical or digital assets within a designated space.

Tagging- The process of adding metadata or descriptive information to objects, elements or components within a three-dimensional(3D) digital environment or model.

Lidar Scanning- Remote sensing technology that uses laser pulses to measure distances and create detailed 3D representations of objects, surfaces or environments.

Photogrammetry- Creating 3D models by analyzing multiple 2D images of an object or scene taken from different angles.

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