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No Project Too Big. No Project Too Small.

We can do it all. 

Our drafting and design specialists will coordinate both human and material resources throughout the life of your project through multiple design programs such as Revit and AutoCAD. Because of our expertise, we stay up to date on the latest technology to create effective plans and services. With a proven track record serving more than 1000+ projects for various clients.


Apollo professional service can tailor to any project you see fit.

Our Services 

See below for a full list of our drafting and design services. 

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Space Planning &
Schematic Design

Effective space planning is crucial

for businesses. With our expertise, we help maximize your existing space before the need for expansion arises. In fact, we can double the capacity of Warehouses by

utilizing vertical space efficiently.

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JDA Planogram Management

Utilizing JDA Space Planning, we provide a streamlined solution to pinpoint the location of your product categories. This program eliminates guesswork, offering a precise snapshot of your space allocation for optimal efficiency. We also harness this tool to optimize product flows and enhance operational effectiveness.

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We use AutoCAD to create a wide range of plans including Elevations, Floorplans, Sections, Fixture Plans, Optimization Plans, and 4D (Phase Plans). AutoCAD stands as a dependable & cost-effective solution for professional planning requirements, ensuring precision & efficiency regardless of project scale.

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With Revit, we ensure that our clients' needs are not only met but exceeded, while minimizing clashes in real-world implementation. From optimizing warehouse work flows to crafting C-store layouts, Revit enables us to showcase designs with precision and efficiency, resulting in seamless project execution.

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Rhino's versatility extends to various project types, making it an ideal choice for tasks like column plans and fixture plans, etc.., where intricate detailing and meticulous design are paramount.

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3D Rendering

3D planning in CAD offers the invaluable advantage of clash detection, enabling the identification of potential conflicts before any work commences in the field. This proactive approach significantly reduces costs and minimizes the variance in materials required to complete projects, ensuring smoother and more efficient project execution.

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Point Cloud

 We employ point clouds for every project to ensure the accurate capture of existing conditions, facilitating the creation of BIM or Digital twin models. This meticulous approach ensures that renovations are based on precise data, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of the design and construction process.

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4D Planning

By adding the dimension of time, stakeholders can visualize the continual development of the project over its timeframe, simplifying better coordination and scheduling. 4D planning offers the unique advantage of enabling businesses to remain open during renovations. By accurately scheduling and sequencing construction tasks, disruptions to daily operations are minimized, allowing businesses to continue functioning smoothly while the renovation work is underway. This not only ensures uninterrupted service to customers but also helps maintain revenue streams during the construction process.

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