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Professional Services

Connect Strategy with Execution

The Devil is in the Details.

Our 3D survey captures the nuances of each individual store set. Instead of digging through photos, imagine virtually walking down the aisle and seeing a continuous view.


•Pinpoint electrical access

•Determine display type & components

•Validate set size

•Confirm existing graphics/POP

These details will give you a more accurate starting point to any new marketing initiative.

Our project managers take this information and build custom designed programs to fit your needs and continue to manage the project throughout its lifespan by conducting photo reviews, creating custom project summaries, and reporting from the field to optimize compliance and performance with real-time resolution. Our Project Managers are trained to help you find solutions, whatever your needs may be.

We get retail projects done right.

You're navigating the new normal at retail and Apollo can help!

We're a full-service retail merchandising support company with a proven 20+ year track record with leading retailers and brands in the United States. We use specialized retail merchandising teams, all consisting of W-2 employees, to create the right mix of retail personnel to get your job done right: on time, and on budget. 


We’re a one-stop solution and can handle every aspect of your retail support needs. From matter port scanning & phase planning to fulfillment & logistics, fixture installation, merchandising, assembly, and even project management – we can handle it all.


Our proven workflow process ensures high quality execution of recalls, resets, fixture installations, store audits, covid-19 solutions, and much, much more.

3D Scanning

Getting from point A to point Z, and every point in between requires a well thought out plan of execution. Our Professional services team will 3D scan your store so you can step into it virtually to see its condition. Our Move Plans coordinate the move of merchandise from old positions to new positions. 

Phase Plans

Our customized fixture installers can build all different styles, types, and brands of fixtures within your retail environment. From steel pallet racking to store fixtures, gondolas, kiosks, and brand displays, we are experts when it comes to fixture installation. Most importantly,  we're trusted by retailers to build them securely and safely.

Project Management

We support retailers every step of the way with our retail projects thanks to our dedicated and experienced Project Management team.

Drafting & Design

Our fulfillment and logistics team eliminates shipping headaches by assigning a singular contact who manages, organizes, and ships your materials in a specific store assortment to the site at the time it’s needed – saving you time, money, and your sanity.  

Move Plans

Our customized merchandising teams are detail-oriented – keeping your brand looking it’s best throughout your fleet of retail stores. We excel at executing Plan-o-grams, and with our comprehensive reporting system, you have clear insight into what’s happening with your brand in the field.


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We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Experience


Clients Served


Square Feet Scanned




Industry Awards

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Retail Space?

For your vision to be successful, you’ll need high-level project management to coordinate both human and material resources throughout the life of your project to achieve predetermined objectives of scope, cost, time, quality, and participation satisfaction.


High levels of synchronization between your team and third-parties, mitigate operational issues, store disruption, poor customer experience, and a decline in sales during implementation. We manage 9 important areas to help you achieve success.

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